Which songs by AB/MK/Tremonti/S+MK&C have you seen live?

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Which songs by AB/MK/Tremonti/S+MK&C have you seen live?

Post by maximzub »

For those of you that have seen Alter Bridge/Myles Kennedy/Tremonti/Slash + MK&C live, which songs have you seen them play? And if you've seen any of them multiple times, how many times have you seen certain songs?

I won't have much in mine, but this is what the template would look like.


Alter Bridge:

One Day Remains:




The Last Hero:

Walk The Sky:


Myles Kennedy:

Year Of The Tiger:

The Ides Of March:

Alter Bridge songs:

Mayfield Four songs:

Slash songs:

Other covers:


All I Was: You Waste Your Time (1), Wish You Well (1)

Cauterize: Another Heart (1), Flying Monkeys (1)


A Dying Machine: A Dying Machine (1)

Marching In Time: If Not For You (1), Thrown Further (1)


Slash + Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators:


Apocalyptic Love:

World On Fire:

Living The Dream:


Guns N' Roses covers:

Other covers:

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Re: Which songs by AB/MK/Tremonti/S+MK&C have you seen live?

Post by Crumbso »

My memory doesn't stretch that far back to individual set lists, though in terms of more rare songs that I've seen back in the day by AB they would be - Rock n' Roll (Led Zep cover), Whole Lotta Rosie (AC/DC cover), Ties That Bind (back when it was called 'Bitch Slap'), Come to Life (back when the solo and bridge were different), Buried Alive (with the old-style thumpy intro), Words Darker (Albert Hall 2nd night).

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