What songs you first heard from Tremonti

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What songs you first heard from Tremonti

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Back when I was still a new Alter Bridge fan, I made a thread in that forum to keep track of the order in which I heard their songs first, as well as to hear how others were introduced to them. I'm starting to get into Tremonti more, so I'm gonna start doing the same thing with them.

July 22, 2021: If Not For You released
1. If Not For You

August 3, 2021: Marching In Time released
2. Marching In Time

August 31, 2021: A World Away released
3. A World Away

September 21, 2021: Now And Forever released
4. Now And Forever

September 25, 2021: On the way to Louder Than Life, listening to the beginning of the livestream from the day before
5. Another Heart
6. So You're Afraid

September 26, 2021: Louder Than Life
7. You Waste Your Time
8. Thrown Further
9. Flying Monkeys
10. A Dying Machine
11. Wish You Well

November 9, 2021: Trying to figure out which Tremonti song should I learn to play
12. Under The Sun
13. The Things I've Seen

November? 2021: One-off
14. Dust

March 17, 2022: Trying to discover new music from Breaking Benjamin and Tremonti
15. Let That Be Us
16. My Last Mistake
17. The First The Last
18. Cauterize
19. New Way Out

April 27, 2022: One-off
20. Doesn't Matter

July 4-5, 2022 (listening past midnight): Listening to my AB/BB/Tremonti playlist of songs I've never heard before or rarely heard
21. Bringer Of War
22. Take You With Me
23. Not Afraid To Lose
24. Throw Them To The Lions

July 6, 2022: Listening to my AB/BB/Tremonti playlist of songs I've never heard before or rarely heard
25. Would You Kill

November 8, 2022: One-off
26. Gone

November 25, 2022: Marching In Time
27. The Last One Of Us
28. In One Piece
29. Bleak *Completed Marching In Time album*

February 21, 2023: A Dying Machine
30. From The Sky
31. Trust
32. Make It Hurt
33. Traipse
34. A Lot Like Sin
35. The Day When Legions Burned
36. As The Silence Becomes Me
37. Desolation
38. Found
39. Now Or Never *Completed A Dying Machine album*

February 27, 2023: One-offs
40. Tie The Noose
41. Betray Me
42. Fall Again

February 28, 2023: One-offs
43. Rising Storm
44. Unable To See
45. Forgive Myself

March 1, 2023: One-offs
46. Sympathy
47. Proof
48. Leave It Alone
49. Brains

March 2, 2023: One-offs
50. Providence (technically this should be counted as the previous day as I started listening to it at 11:59)
51. The Cage
52. Decay

March 3, 2023: One-offs
53. Once Dead
54. Giving Up
55. Tore My Heart Out

March 7, 2023: One-offs
56. Dark Trip
57. Catching Fire
58. All That I Got
59. Never Wrong *Completed Dust album*

March 10, 2023: One-off
60. Walking Beside Me

March 17, 2023: One-off
61. Radical Change

April 4, 2023: One-offs
62. Arm Yourself *Completed Cauterize album*
63. All I Was *Completed All I Was album* *Completed Tremonti discography*
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Re: What songs you first heard from Tremonti

Post by Mr. Slash »

Easy one for me. You Waste Your Time, the very day it was released. I think they released the studio live performance before the actual studio version.

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Re: What songs you first heard from Tremonti

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I think mine was You Waste Your Time too

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