Alter Bridge Summer Europe Tour 2017

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Re: Alter Bridge Summer Europe Tour 2017

Postby Nicklord » Thu Jul 27, 2017 8:18 pm

50€ for Budapest standing. That's just too much. Gonna try to score some cheap ticket near the show

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Re: Alter Bridge Summer Europe Tour 2017

Postby SedyBenoitPeace » Fri Jul 28, 2017 4:43 pm

anguyen92 wrote:
Mr. Slash wrote:
anguyen92 wrote:They had every chance to see them, but didn't and AB got downgraded in venue in the summer shows as a result. Oh well.

Yep, that's a pretty consequent decision tho. They could have played some small club in a bigger town instead of getting immediately rid of Italy. :/

Had to wait a few days to give this post out in response. Yeah, they could have played another show in a big town. I don't know too much about Italy geography, but they still did not technically play Rome, Italy and they could have filled out a nice sizable 2-3k people theater there.

I think AB, in general, have no quarrels in whatever country or city that they play in for a tour. They know there are all kinds of cities and fanbases all over the world that wants to see them for a headlining show. One of the countries, Poland, really wanted to see AB at a headlining show for a long time and now they got a chance to see them in two shows in The Last Hero tour. I was also surprised that they did a down under headlining tour, since they would usually do Soundwave festival (which is no more) as the down under part of the tour. It just has to feasible in a business sense. Are the promoters willing to pay their booking fee to book them in a show and is the potential revenue more than the potential expenses? I do think AB is pretty flexible to a degree when it comes to things like that.

I mean if AB want to play Italy in the fall tour, they would suggest it out there with their managers. However, I do think that Italian promoters looked at the attendance of the shows in Italy, especially the summer shows, and probably think, "All right, I think that's probably enough AB shows in Italy for this album cycle. Let's wait until the next album cycle before bringing them back to these parts."

It's rough for the fanbases if they don't get to see AB at a headlining show (and I'm not just speaking about Italy, but like other parts of South America and Europe and South Africa and Asia, etc. that wants to see AB), but that's just business.

On the other hand, I am really surprised on how many Germany headlining shows they've done this tour. Five shows in 2016, one in the summer tour, and three more in the fall 2017 tour and those are pretty decent venues.

I'm from Italy and pretty disappointed with their decision but i agree with you...i can't blame them...probably they had also a lot of losses in economical terms for the last two dates...i know that in Rome they were probably one of the main acts for the festival in a venue that in 2015 had something like 30000 people for Linkin Park (RIP Chester BTW :( ) and at least the italian promoters were expecting more than what they Rome they move the band from the venue that i told in a small club and we were something like 1000 people? This is a huge fail...we need to remember that yes the band tour for pleasing their fans but also to earn something in terms of money...i'm disappointed only for the was almost the same (if not the same) from their show in Bologna (as far as i know in Milan it was better because they got This Side Of Fate :) ), they soundchecked Fortress and at least they could give it to us...but well i enjoyed the show in every case...of course i'm sad because i think that the next round of the tour surely will be better in terms of setlists

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Re: Alter Bridge Summer Europe Tour 2017

Postby Tigra » Sat Jul 29, 2017 8:22 am

anguyen92 wrote:One of the countries, Poland, really wanted to see AB at a headlining show for a long time and now they got a chance to see them in two shows in The Last Hero tour.

This year's show might be treated as a kind of reward. There were terrible sound problems during the show last year - to such an extent that AB stopped performing for a couple of minutes. A lot of fans were deeply disappointed from what I read on the web.
Also, last year's venue was way to big for AB and it was sad to look at the empty spaces.
The show itself was great of course but the devil lies in details so it seems that this year the guys will leave a better overall impression.

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Re: Alter Bridge Summer Europe Tour 2017

Postby anguyen92 » Sun Jul 30, 2017 3:20 am

Don't know if this has been posted yet, but as we all know, AB usually gets a token pro-shot appearance at the Download Festival highlight reel. Previous times, they were shown playing Find the Real and Cry of Achilles. Here's them playing Blackbird. Not the greatest quality of this video though.

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Re: Alter Bridge Summer Europe Tour 2017

Postby One Drew Remains » Sun Jul 30, 2017 10:22 am

Lol. I could tell what song they were playing in your post, by the poses they were in.

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