Myles Kennedy is confused

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Re: Myles Kennedy is confused

Post by nagpo »

LMAO holy shit. What a joke of a thread. Well, I'm not talking politics anymore on the main boards for the betterment of the forum. But if anybody did want to talk at me about the subject they can in DM's.

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Re: Time to go thru everyone's posts and see where they ask to be called out in the future.

Post by zazthespaz »

Hahahaha! What a turn! I might lock this thread if it takes a turn for the worse. Will leave it open in the meantime.
anguyen92 wrote:
Oh well. Deal with it.
gbruin wrote:
Go reread what zaz says

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Re: Myles Kennedy is confused

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Just caught up on this for the first. Shoulda made popcorn beforehand lol

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Re: Myles Kennedy is confused

Post by Micky »

I'm doing an online class at the moment, and frankly, I think I've learned far more from this thread than anything I have learned in my years of college.

Carry wayward sons
Thanks Andy!

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