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TABN forum upgrade announcement

Posted: Sun Oct 09, 2016 10:47 pm
by TABN Admin
Hello TABN members!

As you surely have noticed, we have just applied a major update to our forums. Most obviously, the theme has been updated to align with The Last Hero's artwork. But perhaps more importantly, we have upgraded the underlying message board software, which now offers a variety of new features. Key among them is the responsive design that renders dynamically to fit the screen size of whatever device you're using. That's right: TABN will now work beautifully on mobile devices! You will also notice a new notification system, better-designed jump lists, and many more new goodies.

Since this is a major update, we will undoubtedly encounter some issues along the way. If you experience any problems with the new forums, please be sure to report them to us in this thread. We are continuing to work through a couple minor outstanding bugs and we welcome your feedback along the way to help us refine the code and imagery.

We hope you enjoy the new experience!

- admin team