"The Last Hero" Media Review Thread

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Re: "The Last Hero" Media Review Thread

Postby WaywardOne » Tue Oct 18, 2016 7:13 pm

Man, what took you so long, UG?

Sadly, I didn't like it though. This guy seems like he doesn't know Myles plays guitar... he just goes on and on about how amazing Mark is the whole time... which he is, but Myles owns this album and we all know it.

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Re: "The Last Hero" Media Review Thread

Postby fix » Wed Oct 19, 2016 7:27 am

Aardschok album of the month 85/100: http://aardschok.com/component/content/ ... rmber-2016

Good music is a reflection of the times in which we live. "Show Me A Leader", the first track on the fifth studio album by Alter Bridge, is a passionate call. We are living in chaotic times where only a true leader on the head can provide. Would he want to be on? Although Alter Bridge mentions no names will be clear that confidence in the current presidential candidates in their own country is not too large. The well-expressed concern shows the number of extra weight. Alter Bridge makes it ought to be more than just another American rock band. Yet never too heavy texts pressing the music. "The Last Hero" is above all a familiar sounding album which offers a balanced mix of rock songs and restrained work. Concerning the latter, songs like "Cradle To The Grave" and "You Will Be Remembered" are among the highlights of the album. For the rest, it is a feast of recognition, thanks in part to the production of Michael 'Elvis' Baskette, who after all took care of the sound of earlier albums and Tremonti Alter Bridge. He's there to make accessible again succeeded Alter Bridge sound, without being relegated to the songs smoothed radio rock. "The Last Hero" is also especially the album a few good band. Mark Tremonti told to leave again among the best guitarists of his generation. Not that he wants to impress his audience with flashy solos or neck-breaking agreements. His strength lies in playing the service of the song, as he shows in "This Side Of Fate". Without the solid rhythm section to want to defect, the other star of the set remains Myles Kennedy, which again makes impression with a powerful and recognizable voice and also takes more and more guitar solos on his behalf. The only thing that Alter Bridge would be to wear after, is the lack of renewal urge. "The Last Hero" is musically nicely in line with the previous four albums. The band put there with the game, the enthusiasm and the songs do again very much opposite: irresistible quality.

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