"Human" - September 18th

Flip's new side project with Erock, and John & Vince from Sevendust.
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Re: "Human" - September 18th

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For those who haven't heard it yet, the album is streaming in full on AOL: http://music.aol.ca/new-releases-full-cds/#/16

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Re: "Human" - September 18th

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Purchased it yesterday. Though I'm waiting until next week to give it a listen. This week is 100% dedicated to Tremonti so I can psyche myself up and learn the words for Friday's show. :humina

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Re: "Human" - September 18th

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It's a good record for what it is but I really just get the idea I'm listening to a new Sevendust record, I know it's because of the musicians involved but with all these actual ''side'' projects you'd hope they actually do something different than their main thing which hasn't really been the case with all the collaborations of these bands and friends in the past few years
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Re: "Human" - September 18th

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I gotta say I love the record. If I had to make a list, it would be 1. Tremonti 2. Projected (but close to #1) 3. Call Me No One. Agreed, some of the stuff really sounds like Sevendust (So Low for example) but I don't mind that. As far as the side project being pretty different from the member's original bands, I'd have to say CMNO gets the point.
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Re: "Human" - September 18th

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I'm poor so i cant buy it.
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