Marching In Time

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Re: Marching In Time

Post by anguyen92 »

That's true and people would handle grief differently. I mean Neil Peart of Rush with his lost of his family coped where he didn't even play drums for like over 2 years and drove on a motorcycle around North America in that period as his way to heal. In a way, maybe Chris Daughtry probably sees playing shows as his way of healing especially when his audience is very understanding of what happened. It's never a one-size fits all solution.

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Re: Marching In Time

Post by Micky »

I think that the return to touring is to try and bring a sense of normalcy back to his world. Like Kev said, people grieve differently.

When my grandmother died, I grieved by going to work and trying to accept what had happened. There is really no singular way of moving on or grieving for the loss of a loved one.

I know Chris has mentioned in the past that he is a man of faith so I imagine his belief in a higher power is guiding him right now and helping him make decisions.
Thanks Andy!

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Re: Marching In Time

Post by MaraCarr »

When I lost people close to me in the past. I went back to work within days just to focus on something productive and not sit home thinking about it and being sad. My crying doesn’t bring them back and only hurts the living. I stay focused on getting out and being around supportive people… it helps me a lot. It doesn’t mean those I lost are any less significant or unimportant it just keeps me alive.

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Re: Marching In Time

Post by chtimixeur »

Here's a long podcast with Mark.

Legendary guitarist Mark Tremonti sits down with Robb to discuss his heavy new solo album “Marching In Time”, his love of 80’s speed metal, how awesome Alex from Testament is, the insane success and then backlash of Creed, having to buy his way out of his record contract to move on with Alter Bridge, the sometimes toxic ups and downs touring in a band, and ultimately finding peace with his place in the music world.
At the 24th minute, Mark says he's friends with Jason Suecof. :headbang
This guy is is an amazing producer (and guitarist), and I can guarantee that Tremonti would go to the next level if he recorded one of their albums. This collaboration needs to happen in the future!

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Re: Marching In Time

Post by riemslag1 »

So what is keeping them so long from publishing the cd with the two bonustracks !?

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