Reminder regarding the upcoming Tremonti "All I Was" release

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Reminder regarding the upcoming Tremonti "All I Was" release

Postby TABN Admin » Sat Jul 14, 2012 12:27 am

As you are all aware, Mark Tremonti's solo album "All I Was" is due to hit stores on July 17th. We, and Fret 12 would like to take this opportunity to remind you all of our board's rules regarding the sharing of copyrighted material on our forums. In particular...

11. This site is not to be used to share copyrighted studio recordings. Anyone caught sharing such files could be subject to banning. Sharing will NOT be tolerated at all. This includes ALL Alter Bridge studio recordings (live bootleg recordings are OK), all Creed recordings, all Mayfield Four recordings and those of other bands. Regardless of what band members may say about sharing, in the vast majority of cases, the record label own the rights to the studio recordings, and they are the people with the power to present lawsuits against websites.

This also extends to radio rips / recordings and any previews not authorized by Fret 12 (e.g. the 30 second Amazon clips). Any embedded / streaming link to such material (youtube, soundcloud, etc.) will be treated the same as download links. As a general rule, if it comes from an official source (Tremonti's official Youtube / Soundcloud channels, Fret 12, radio stations' websites), it's probably okay. If it's something that a fan uploaded to youtube, probably pirated. Any time you're unsure, feel free to ask! Contact any of us on the TABN Admin team, or Fret 12 directly through their Facebook page.

Thank you for your understanding that this is a position that TABN has to take to protect ourselves legally and also to protect the rights of Fret 12 over the Tremonti recordings.

With that said, the album is almost in our ears. We (and Fret 12) thank you for your hard work in promoting this record, and your patience in waiting for a day which felt like it would never arrive! The Alter Bridge Nation is about to be rocked yet again!

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Re: Reminder regarding the upcoming Tremonti "All I Was" rel

Postby Mel-C » Sat Jul 14, 2012 10:05 pm

Thank you!! Woohoo!! Can't wait for Tue 7/17!! =)
Mel-C =)

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