DUST Listener Reviews

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DUST Listener Reviews

Postby Ashlee » Thu Apr 28, 2016 5:11 pm

And the album is out in most parts of the world!

What do you guys think? :rockon

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Re: DUST Listener Reviews

Postby SHEAKENBAKEN » Thu Apr 28, 2016 5:22 pm

10.The Cage
9.My Last Mistake
8.Never Wrong
7.Betray Me
6.Rising Storm
4.Catching Fire
3.Once Dead
2.Unable To See
1.Tore My Heart Out

10.Betray Me (2:19-2:49)
9.Never Wrong (2:52-3:16)
8.The Cage (2:18-2:50)
7.My Last Mistake (3:00-3:22)
6.Once Dead (1:56-2:15)
5.Once Dead (2:34-2:53)
4.Rising Storm (2:08-2:32)
3.Tore My Heart Out (3:09-3:35)
2.Unable To See (3:56-4:30)
1.Dust (3:48-4:12)

1.My Last Mistake (0:00-0:24)
2.The Cage (0:00-0:18)
3.Once Dead (1:41-2:14)
4.Dust (3:10-4:12)
5.Betray Me (3:20-4:05)
6.Tore My Heart Out (3:09-3:55)
7.Catching Fire (2:19-3:12)
8.Never Wrong (0:00-0:23)
9.Rising Storm (1:44-2:31)
10.Unable To See (0:00-0:24)

10.The Cage
9.Rising Storm
8.Never Wrong
7.My Last Mistake
6.Betray Me
5.Once Dead
4.Catching Fire
2.Tore My Heart Out
1.Unable To See

My Last Mistake (VERSE)
I’m your fatal wound
You’ve landed too far
Lost out there without a trace
I’m your last goodbye
I’m the one who’ll take your place

The Cage (OUTRO)
Chose to listen
To only the fools who would spite your end
Take forever to swallow the pride
And it dies
And it dies within
And it dies within

Once Dead (CHORUS)
When all the time is gone
I break you in; You'll play along
I need your pain again
I know; You’ll bring it

Dust (PRE-CHORUS; I think)
Why were we afraid to go?
We asked for the truth and now we know
The whole damn thing has turned to dust
The ashes you left to bury us.

Betray Me (CHORUS)
How could you betray me?
Remember hope, Remember faith, Remember trust
Defiant; controlling
Another day, a new excuse, it’s not enough

Tore My Heart Out (VERSE)
Show your will and do your part
Or be blind right from the start
Take your time and do it well
Cause the fallout can be hell
Go and find, find the one
Till you find the will is gone
Hide in shadows, who would know
And the fire only grows

Catching Fire (VERSE)
It once was clear and now you’re blind
The fear found shelter in your mind
Just one word and I will go
The sands of time are running low
When you wake for the war
When the shadows fall
Set your sight down below
And you will know
Yeah you will know

Never Wrong (VERSE)
Go and find; It wont take long
A weaker mind
Prove they are never wrong
Now take their life
It is in your hands
Now you are patronized
For you have carried them

Rising Storm (CHORUS)

Unable To See (BRIDGE)
And I swear I’ll never fall from here
I’ll never fall from here
And I’ll be, forever in a dream
Forever in a dream
And I know Ill never let it go
I’ll never let it go

1.MY LAST MISTAKE 5/5: A great high-energy opener for the album, the intro and outro riff of the song are very groovy. The solo is TM Tremonti (what else is new?). Marks vocals in the song are both aggressive in delivery and have a anger to their tone. Chorus is also TM Tremonti.
- Favorite Part: The Outro

2.THE CAGE 4/5: The intro has a fast-pace to it. The vocals in the verses seem belted more so than most of his vocal deliveries. Chorus is TM Tremonti. The solo in this song is very energetic and awesome to air guitar to! \m/ But I feel like it could have been arranged slightly better to give it that extra push.
- Favorite Part: The Bridge & Solo

3.ONCE DEAD 5/5: A heavy intro instantly has the energy level amped in the song that seems to go non-stop even in the chorus. The chorus is one of the catchiest on the record, IMO. A song that is very easy to sing along to as well. I find myself headbanging a lot. The first solo (by Eric I would assume) although short is probably my preferred of the two on the track, although the second one has a nice melody to it.
- Favorite Part: The Chorus

4.DUST 5/5: This song is another one that showcases Tremonti’s vocals and soloing very well. The vocals in the verses are tender alongside yet again another anthemic chorus. The solo in the song has a great build-up leading to it in the bridge.
- Favorite Part: The Solo

5.BETRAY ME 5/5: The intro riff is one of my favorites off the album with a very hard-hitting sound and groove to it. The groove of the song keeps going as the verse melody and vocals continue that trend. The chorus is anthemic and easy to sing-a-long to. The solo, although one of the worst on the record, IMO, is TM Tremonti. Outro is heavy.
- Favorite Part: The Main Riff

6.TORE MY HEART OUT 5/5: A perfect blend of heavy and heartfelt has made this the number 1 song on the album for me. The rhythm of the instruments (specifically the bass) in the verses is awesome! The chorus is also one of my personal favorites on the record. The solo does it’s job, but I was expecting something different to be honest. The breakdown after the solo is awesome.
- Favorite Part: The Chorus

7.CATCHING FIRE 5/5: The intro would have been a great way to open the album other than My Last Mistake, IMO. The vocals throughout the song keep the same intensity and aggression. Very memorable chorus. The instrumental bridge is the highlight of the song for me, although I wish there was an ‘epic’ solo in there at the end of it just to push the song that much further. The outro is one of my favorites on the record.
- Favorite Part: The Instrumental Bridge

8.NEVER WRONG 5/5: I really like the clean intro in the song. Marks vocals throughout the song are at the top of their game, I even think he goes to some of his highest notes in the bridge & outro (if they’re not processed that is). The chorus is infectiously catchy and the solo is TM Tremonti.
- Favorite Part: The Outro

9.RISING STORM 5/5: A heavy intro leading right into a groovy verse and eventually a very catchy chorus has this being a staple Tremonti song, but I like it very much. Better than most off Cauterize. The bridge and solo were also very good. One of the better ones off of the Dust record. I only wish the song was a bit longer. Subject of the songs is a great one for playing PvP/PvE video games too :lol
- Favorite Part: The Solo

10.UNABLE TO SEE 5/5: A nice finger-picked intro that made me think of a lullaby followed by very tender vocals throughout that sooth the soul. When the chorus kicks in and the band picks it up with the instruments and Marks harder vocals, I think it makes perfect sense in the song. And I couldn’t see it any other way. I love the lyrics and melodies in the song more than most on this album. The solo is also very melodic and again TM Tremonti. The others do a good job on backing vocals as well.
Favorite Part: The Vocals

Total: 49/50

I think it’s a stronger album than Cauterize, but I gave them the same score because it’s like choosing between your two kids!
I think this album has better solos
I think this album has better vocals
Still feel like the enunciation on some of the vocals could been better
Lyrics: 9/10
Instrumentals: 9/10
Vocals: 10/10
Length: 8/10
Overall I give Dust a grade A as an album.

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Re: DUST Listener Reviews

Postby Ashlee » Thu Apr 28, 2016 5:29 pm

I haven't given it a full listen yet, but I remember from the listening party that I liked this album more than Cauterize, and I like Cauterize a whole lot.

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Re: DUST Listener Reviews

Postby Fish Tacos » Thu Apr 28, 2016 5:46 pm

Overall, I felt this was a really strong album. Once Dead and The Cage are probably going to be the only tracks I skip over after a few listens (although The Cage is growing on me). Once Dead has some great riffs but I'm just not into the vocals and the chorus for The Cage seems to go in a different direction than the rest of the song. I really like the finger picking on Never Wrong but again, the chorus guitar portion feels a bit mismatched for me. With this in mind I think the tracks they chose for promos were good ideas.

Unable to See is my favorite song on the album and probably my favorite Tremonti song. The emotion in the singing for the overdrive part is amazing and the lyrics of the second verse are particularly fantastic and give me chills. I like the mix of clean and overdriven tones in this song, I think it was a really good balance and I prefer it to an all acoustic version which Mark can always do later live if he was so inclined.
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Re: DUST Listener Reviews

Postby Timotheus » Thu Apr 28, 2016 5:51 pm

Once Dead and Catching Fire are my two favorite songs of this album. I was really impressed with Once Dead. The Cage kinda grew on me, though it's still one of my least favorite tracks on the album. Unable To See is the only song that disappointed me.

I'll do a proper review when my copy is here, but overal I think it's a pretty solid album. I think I might prefer Cauterize a bit more, but Once Dead and Catching Fire top all songs on that album.

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Re: DUST Listener Reviews

Postby Crumbso » Thu Apr 28, 2016 6:04 pm

Once Dead is the current stand-out for me. It took a few listens for sure but the drumming is awesome and I love the whole vibe.

Tore My Heart Out has a real old school Blackbird era AB vibe that I love too.

I'd say Dust is my preferred out of the two albums so far but a bit too early to tell.

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Re: DUST Listener Reviews

Postby AB4Lyfe » Thu Apr 28, 2016 6:25 pm

Once Dead, Tore My Heart Out, and Never Wrong are my standout tracks out of the six I had not previously heard. Once Dead fucking shreds, love that track. I really get the 80s vibe of Never Wrong, love that track, chorus is really post-grunge sounding.

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Re: DUST Listener Reviews

Postby mockingbird » Thu Apr 28, 2016 6:33 pm

My Last Mistake:
I just love everything about this song, especially the lyrics, sadly pretty relatable. I can say right now I love the lyrics of the whole album but these really stand out. I would've chosen Catching Fire as the opener but yeah who cares.

The Cage:
Love love love the drum intro, something totally different, probably my favorite solo on the album, you can really hear the Slash influence here, sounds very rad, so does that low B in the solo, I just love that. Also the intro riff is so cool. The verses, love them or hate them but I like them, shows how good Mark is as a vocalist right now.

Once Dead:
Best chorus I've heard in a long while, also damn that main riff. Probably my favorite song on this album. Amazing lyrics as well. I have nothing else to say rather than amazing, similar to Arm Yourself but probably a bit better.

Laid back, had to get used to it. Cool intro and solo, but not to keen on the chorus. Sounds way too pop for Tremonti imho.

Betray Me:
Biggest letdown on the album, because the "cool part" in the tour trailer was only the outro. Kinda meh, main riff is not bad.

Tore My Heart Out:
The bridge/breakdown is as good as the chorus is boring. The chorus ruined the song kind of, sounds similar to the title track, doesn't fit the song at all, but everything is so good. Especially the outro and bridge/breakdown. Just a shame of the chorus.

Catching Fire:
Oh. My. God. Holy. Shit. It just misses a solo. Nothing else. Just oh my god. This is one of the best thing Tremonti has ever made, it has so much atmosphere.

Never Wrong:
Alter Bridge meets Apocalyptic Love and it sounds amazing. The solo rhythm sounds like it's straight from AL. This song was such a pleasant surprise and very refreshing, one of my favorite tracks on this album.

Rising Storm:
Periphery intro that sounds amazing. The verse sound a bit too similar to Tie The Noose which I really dislike, but the bridge and solo are cool. If the verses were different this song would stand out so much more, but still one of my favorite tracks.

Unable To See:
I am unable to see why Mark thought this song is a good idea.

Vocals are nothing short of amazing, even though Dust and Cauterize were recorded at the same time, somehow the vocals on Dust are so much better. Same goes for production, because the Cauterize production was dreadful.

Overall 8/10, although the album was not really what I've expected. But, conclusion remains that :mtrocks

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Re: DUST Listener Reviews

Postby phatnonphatness » Thu Apr 28, 2016 7:53 pm

Tore My Heart Out, Never Wrong, Rising Storm my current favourites.

A lot of great riffs on this one, moreso than Cauterize.

Album still suffers from a mis-match of parts on a lot of songs though.

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Re: DUST Listener Reviews

Postby chtimixeur » Thu Apr 28, 2016 11:41 pm

About Unable to See
Mark Tremonti: It also has the one song out of all 20 tracks that sticks out as the most melodic, “Unable to See”. The singer/songwriter side of me will never go away so I added it to the CD.

Interviewer: That’s a great song; tell me about its origins.

Mark Tremonti: That song started when we were on tour in Pennsylvania playing a gig. The venue’s security allowed a bunch of people to go into our dressing room during the show and someone stole my backpack which had my recording device. On it was six month’s worth of material. It was like being kicked in the stomach, it was a terrible feeling. After the show we stopped at a Walmart and I picked up a new recorder. The verse to “Unable to See” was the first thing I wrote and recorded within 10 minute of having it. The rest of the song came from bits and pieces of a song that I put together for the Alter Bridge One Day Remains CD but never saw the light of day. I just pushed those two ideas together and made “Unable to See.”

So it's definitely a 2004-2005 song.
It has that old school Mark feel.

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Re: DUST Listener Reviews

Postby Ryan » Thu Apr 28, 2016 11:47 pm

Yeah, I remember when his recorder got stolen. Fucking dicks.
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Re: DUST Listener Reviews

Postby devv88 » Fri Apr 29, 2016 12:07 am

There's zero chance that the verses and main riff in "The Cage" don't date back to the ODR days. That's Mark doing his best Myles impression right there.

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Re: DUST Listener Reviews

Postby Take The Sun » Fri Apr 29, 2016 12:39 am

Well.... after one listen through... I'm floored by this album. Can't even try to pick a favorite yet.

I think I nearly had a stroke at the end of Tore My Heart Out. The hell did that come from!? In all seriousness, I'm walking funny. I may have pulled a groin in my one man mosh pit.

So ya know... there's that.
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Re: DUST Listener Reviews

Postby AHart96 » Fri Apr 29, 2016 12:45 am

Unable to See and Tore My Heart Out...that's all I've got right now. Brain must process

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Re: DUST Listener Reviews

Postby Green_Hammock » Fri Apr 29, 2016 5:31 am

On about my 7th or 8th listen, Unable To See, Tore My Heart Out, My Last Mistake, Catching Fire and Dust are my favourites.

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Re: DUST Listener Reviews

Postby phatnonphatness » Fri Apr 29, 2016 7:55 am

Makes sense that Unable To See was written around the ODR cycle. It uses a lot of the same chords as Shed My Skin.

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Re: DUST Listener Reviews

Postby Mr. Slash » Fri Apr 29, 2016 7:56 am

Is listened through the album at midnight, now runs the second playthrough. My two cents:
Dust >>>> Cauterize
This album has all the riffs and heavy parts that lacked on Cauterize. Every song has at least (!) one aspect that makes it worth to listen to it. So far I'm really happy with the album.
Btw, "Unable To See" sounds totally like Creed without the cheesyness. This song really surprised me so much.

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Re: DUST Listener Reviews

Postby chtimixeur » Fri Apr 29, 2016 8:16 am

My favourite things so far :
- The Cage's heavy breakdown and the fast section that follows (I would have loved it even more if it had escalated again and again for a while)
- Unable to See's ODR vibe. For me, THIS is Mark's trademark sound
- Rising Storm's clean guitar breakdown
- My Last Mistake's main riff
- Betray Me's backup vocals

On the other hand, I really dislike Once Dead's blast beats.

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Re: DUST Listener Reviews

Postby luke62 » Fri Apr 29, 2016 8:19 am

I went through the songs I hadn't heard last night. Loved them. I don't have a favorite just yet. It'll be like All I Was or Cauterize where after a few listens, some will stand out more than others. Unable to See was beautiful.

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Re: DUST Listener Reviews

Postby Ashlee » Fri Apr 29, 2016 10:28 am

Full disclosure: I hadn't really listened to the pre-order songs as they came out. Also, I know very little technical stuff about music. So this is going to be a little pretty superficial. So initial reaction upon first real listen having been awake for 21 hours:

My Last Mistake - Brutal opener. I love the lyrics. I think the guitars sound pretty excellent.

The Cage - I feel like I'm in the minority, but I don't love this one right away. Will probably grow on me. I don't like the effects on the vocals, it's too much, especially among a bunch of songs in which Mark's vocals sound pretty incredible. That bridge though. :bow

Once Dead - Can we not? People are saying this is their favorite song on the album, pray, the best song on the album. It's got to be up there. Holy hell.

Dust - To be honest, this is the only song I've spent any real time with. I didn't really like anything about this song but the melody when it first came out. And I felt like the worst fan in the world, because it's obvs one of Mark's favorite songs on the album. Follow up: I really like it now.

Betray Me - Um. If this makes the tour set list I will fall over dead. I can't imagine him singing this live every night. The solo 10/10. I hate that it's so damn easy to relate to. The backup vocals here too. :headbang

Tore My Heart Out - Would anyone be mad if I said the intro sounds like it could be a Creed song? :facepalm Sorry. The lyrics are so good to this song. But this song following "Betray Me" has me all like....


Catching Fire - Who is the preacher? Who is the old man? This song leaves me with more questions than answers, but who cares because *DRUMS* Also, the guitar solo sounds like something from a Broadway musical, like some choreographed gang fight in the streets.

Never Wrong - Hello, I'm an Alter Bridge song that never happened. OMG I don't care though. Is it possible that Mark is the T.Swift of Metal? Like, dude is low-key pissed at some people. This song is pretty flawless. It's just seamless, from intro straight to the solo.

Rising Storm - Where is the love for this song? The chorus is amazing. And he's finally getting his sweet revenge. This is another one that's got a killer solo, but probably isn't ever going to be a live song because it sounds hard as hell to sing. LAAAAAAYYYYY TOOOOO WAAAASSSTTTTEEEE. It's the new FAAACCCEEEE YOOOUUUURRR FEEEAAAARRRRR.....

Unable to See - OMG. It's.. OMG. My favorite Tremonti sound. Throwin' it back to 12 years ago, I dig. Can I fangirl more than I already have? THESE LYRICS. THIS VOICE. Yes, throwing it back to the ODR days (which is still my fav AB album - I don't care if I have to turn in my fan card for it). This song is so applicable to my life at this moment that I nearly cried at my desk. My goodness this man can sing. I will play this one on repeat.

I don't have a favorite song yet, it's kind of hard. Will keep listening. Thanks for reading my silly review. I'm pretty tired, but it seems I can still type pretty fast which is a plus.

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