YouTube channel in profile?

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YouTube channel in profile?

Post by maximzub »

There's a field for entering your YouTube channel in User Control Panel. I tried pasting a link to my channel, and it said only alphanumerical characters or ,._- characters were allowed. So I tried entering my handle, and that didn't work. What am I supposed to type in that box so that my channel will appear?
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Re: YouTube channel in profile?

Post by Timotheus »

It navigates to '.../user/{whatever you type in that input field}', which is the old-fashioned way of navigating, because it should be going to '/channel/...'.

In 'Settings' > Advanced settings' you can find your userId, which technically can be used, but in my case it started with a number so that didn't work.

What eventually helped for me was using my username (whatever's behind the '@' sign in your header when you go to your user channel). If that's a number, I can't help you anymore :D
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