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This is the place to trade (NOT sell) your bootlegs.
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Willing to trade

Post by maximzub »

I'm looking for any professional live recordings of songs they haven't officially released as professional live recordings. Here's the list:

Burn It Down (electric)
Shed My Skin
One By One
Break Me Down
Wayward One (electric)
Still Remains
Make It Right
Show Me A Sign
Life Must Go On
Bleed It Dry
The Uninvited
Calm The Fire
Cry A River
All Ends Well (Myles solo)
You Will Be Remembered
Island Of Fools
Take The Crown
Forever Falling

Also, I'm looking for a full digital version of Live At The Royal Albert Hall video. This one is actually higher priority than those individual songs.

I have some Volbeat live shows in the form of webcasts (and one DVD rip). If you are willing to make the trade, please contact me. Thanks!

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