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Looking to trade

Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2013 11:00 am
by One Drew Remains
for AB videos or audio. I have a small list but here goes...

Alter Bridge Greenfield 2005
Alter Bridge Dortmund 2011
Metallica 4/98 Korea
Metallica S&M 2 disc
Ultimate Albums: Metallica (Black)
Megadeth Woodstock 99
Megadeth Blood In The Water (San Diego) 2008
STP (fan cam footage) Worcester, Mass 2001 (fun show but not excellent quality)
Def Leppard Buenos Aries 1997
Def Leppard 1993 Sheffield Homecoming
Def Leppard Mountain View, Ca 1988
Ultimate Albums: Hysteria
Pearl Jam 20
Audioslave Live From Cuba
Foo Fighters Anywhere But Home

I also have a ton of Def Leppard audio boots from the Pyro/Hysteria days as I was a huge fan as a kid. I'd love to trade for some Alter Bridge, but would trade for other stuff too.