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Spark the Forest - Surface // Depths

Postby youknowverywell » Fri Aug 26, 2016 4:28 pm

It's kinda funny seeing my album from a little over a year ago still on the first page. Thanks to the 2,000+ people who opened that thread and took a look at my stuff.

This past Wednesday I released an EP titled "Surface // Depths." The style is post-rock, which is known for having no vocals and being kind of cinematic in style. Very emotionally-driven music. Something happened in my life recently and I decided to take a break from producing my upcoming full-length album to devote an EP to how I feel about what was going on. The inspiration for the EP was the fact that how we appear on the surface doesn't always reflect how we are underneath everything, and that's definitely the case with me right now.

The two tracks borrow from each other and are meant to be heard in succession. I played everything on the release and I produced, mixed, and mastered it as well. I hope you enjoy the music. ... ace-depths

And a YouTube link to the album stream if you prefer it that way

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