ORIGINAL SONG: Mannaforra - Gravity Bomb

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ORIGINAL SONG: Mannaforra - Gravity Bomb

Postby Crumbso » Wed Jan 18, 2017 2:53 pm

An original song by me and my band Mannaforra:

Comments, criticism and feedback would be appreciated. Thanks guys.


Never knowing where I'm going
Searching for the way out of this
Creeping growing, constant showing
Of our failure to control fate

Forever am I sailing in a hurricane
Drowning in the thunder and the rain

I'm falling like a gravity bomb

You think you've made all your moves
Now your safe and all is good and well
You plan your life out but there's no doubt
The universe will surely change

The unexpected will come one day
Just bear your teeth and leap into the fray

We're falling just like gravity bombs

Far we fall into the night

Shifting sand
Ooh that's all we are
Behold the winds of time
Erase the ground and make you blind

Out of our sight

Take care
Your life is your own

Don't despair
You life is your own

Now go
Take control
Be Strong

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