Looking for Four Years Past Info!

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Looking for Four Years Past Info!

Postby CreedFeed » Mon Jul 03, 2017 3:28 pm

Anyone remember the band Four Years Past? I've posted a few times on here and never really got any responses.... trying one more time...

Does anyone have any information on the band Four Years Past? I don't even remember who was in the band (was it Scott Phillips' or Brian Marshall's brother)? Who was the singer? Have they gone on to other bands?

I have a physical copy of their album Surface and I also have 8 random mp3 files that were labeled as demos. I remember a long time ago hearing about another album that was recorded and/or sold at local shows down in Florida (or wherever they were from) but I can't find any info on that anymore. Does anyone here have any more info on this band? I really like them and listen to their stuff all the time. I would like to get ahold of any other stuff they may have recorded before they broke up.

The mp3's I got a long time ago are:

[*] Traitor
[*] Unspoken
[*] Sadly Now
[*] What We Don't Know
[*] These Hands
[*] All Away
[*] Patiently
[*] Bookshelf (live recording)

The mp3 version of Sadly Now is way different than the version on the Surface album.

Please help!! :)
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