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Kansas City 1/28/17

Posted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 5:44 pm
by One Drew Remains
Been meaning to sit down for a couple of weeks and do this...

The Voodoo lounge in north KC is a pretty cool venue. Maybe just a smidge smaller than the Pageant in St. Louis. Definitely not as big as the midland (where I saw them play in 2014). The Midland was 3/5th's full. The Voodoo lounge was packed! Before the show (which is in a Harrah's Casino) my Wife and I (My 5th AB show, her 4th) played some video poker. As always, I cleaned up, and she did terrible. The girl really has terrible luck anytime we go to one of these. I ended up walking out with 20 more than the 100 we allotted ourselves. Cool thing... as we were walking to the restrooms between rounds of video poker, I ran into every member of Nonpoint, sans the drummer. They were getting dinner to go at the hotel bar and were nice enough to pose for a picture and shake hands. Onto the show...

Weapons of Anew were ok. They were into it. I just don't see the IT factor in them. At least not yet.

Nonpoint was pretty good. Funny moment after the first song where the lead singer walks over to the lead guitarist (who has long dreds) and says, "hello everyone! We are Korn!" followed by a shoots and ladders riff. Well played. They were good. Highlite for me was the new song Divide and Conquer which is really good.

AB came out and the place went ballistic. Writing on the Wall of course. I have to say it and Island of Fools sound freaking immense live. I wasn't a huge IoF fan before the show, but I appreciate it now. Just a massive tune. Three songs in they played Farther Than The Sun, and I went nuts. Fortress is my favorite album. Up to this point I had heard Fortress, CoA, AtP, WR, and Bleed it Dry live. I had been waiting 3 shows and 2+ years to hear FTts (a song that they semi-regularly played on the Fortress tour) so I could say I have heard half of my favorite record live. Mission accomplished. I would have left a happy man then.

A third of the way through the show, Myles came out with no guitar and I figured Metalingus like everyone else. That is until Ian walked out with a guitar on! One Day Remains was fun. Lots of singing from the crowd on that one.

When Myles came out with the acoustic I'm the guy in the youtubes who screams "Wonderful Life!" twice, lol. He did it. My Wife loves that one. So it was a moment.

Funny moment early in, I can't remember what Myles said before. But he follows it up with "I'm freaking stupid. I'm telling you people, if this is your first time seeing us, hold on. Because there is no telling what stupid shit I might say." Or something like that. It was great.

At the end of the show, they were throwing their stuff out to the crowd. We were on Myles side for the first time. I have a bass pick from Brian, three Tremomti picks... I badly wanted a Myles pick. And I didn't get one. Dejected, I turn around to see a dogfight on the floor, and my Wife, Amy emerges with an orange Myles pick in her hand. Bad knee and all, she dove onto a beer soaked floor for me and my AB autograph/pick wall frame I have been working on. God, I love that woman.

Overall, it was a great show. It's a tie for my favorite AB show with the Tulsa show from last October where Mark handed my daughter a pick during the show, and we all got fistbumps from Myles during Metalingus.

Re: Kansas City 1/28/17

Posted: Thu Feb 23, 2017 12:50 am
by AB4Lyfe
Dude, your wife sounds like a great person.

Re: Kansas City 1/28/17

Posted: Thu Feb 23, 2017 8:26 pm
by One Drew Remains
She's awesome. And she understands my superfan-dom. Poor girl has to listen to AB a lot, lol. She's smitten with Mark, so I don't have to twist her arm too hard.

Re: Kansas City 1/28/17

Posted: Thu Aug 02, 2018 4:55 am
by joshcampbell
Honestly speaking, your wife is a great person! I am impressed by her nice actions !Thanks a lot for the published story! Awesome!