The Fillmore - Silver Spring MD

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The Fillmore - Silver Spring MD

Postby mycarhasabs » Sat Feb 11, 2017 12:33 pm

Overall, great show...for what I could see. Was anyone else just not impressed with the general operations of the venue? Can't say I'd go again. I took my wife with me and I understand she's not a "crowd" person and neither am I really. I don't have an issue with standing off to the side or in the back and watching the show. But I think with any good small venue, it doesn't matter where you are, you should still be able to see the stage.

This place doesn't enforce VIP seating on the top tier to stay in the seats for courtesy of guests behind them. I quite literally paid $70 to stare at this behemoths' head and back the whole night. I'm 6 foot 4 by the way. No security upstairs, at least not until people who couldn't hold their liquor had to be escorted out of the building.

Also, I've been to several sold out shows in long lines but never have I seen a line move that slowly. I'm sorry if I sound impatient, I'm really not. Just needed to vent. Last night really frustrated me.

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