Alter bridge- September 29th Nebraska 2016

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Alter bridge- September 29th Nebraska 2016

Postby cheesedip1 » Sat Oct 01, 2016 3:25 am

Hey everyone. I thought I would share my review of the AB concert that occurred yesterday. I dont have a ton to say but I will say what stood out to me.

Setlist: Come to life, ties that bind, before tomorrow comes, rise today, blackbird, make it right, cry of achilles, addicted to pain, waters rising, ghosts of days gone by, my champion, show me a leader, metalingus, farther than the sun, isolation,
acoustic intro to wonderful life which led into playing Watch Over You, Mark and Myles guitar solos, Open Your Eyes

Guys, they did it! They played "Make It Right" live! I was really excited because I really like that song for its lyrics. I think ppl knew of the song but I was one of the only ppl actually bobbing my fist (pumping my fist?, im not sure what u call it) to the song in the area (left side of stage). Make It Right was a slower paced song but I found it refreshing. Before the song started, Myles said the band wanted to play a song that they hadnt done live before, and asked if we would like that. Cheers followed. After the song was over, Myles said that even though the band knew the song, they were still a bit nervous playing it live because this was the first time they had ever played it live and ya know, they wanted to make sure it went off without a hitch (not screw it up or something).

At one point Myles said the crowd was just as good as any South American crowd (like, we were cheering a lot as a crowd and were really lively). He thanked us for that cuz it made their job as a band a lot more easier, ya know, when u have crowds that really cheer for u a lot and are lively.

I remember at one point Myles took off his guitar and walked towards the center stage, as the band was ready to start a song. I remember thinking "Hmm, Broken wings, right?" but nope, it was Metalingus.

Uhh, not much else to tell. The beginning of Ghosts sounded weird cuz at the beginning with the two guitars, like they didnt mesh well or something. I think one was more louder than the other, or the mix sounded weird coming out of the speakers.

Thats all.


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